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A restaurant to my taste

A restaurant
to my taste

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  • We changed the rating scheme that most sites use (numerical grades, stars, etc.). What is the meaning of 3.5 stars over 5? Is there really a difference between 7.5 and 8? And there are many more parameters than just food quality.

    We use the travel time that a restaurant is worth to get there. We believe that it better represents the restaurant's overall attractiveness.

    Travel time that a restaurant is worth





    This is the maximum travel time that this restaurant is worth.
    It is a global indicator of this restaurant's attractiveness. It only makes sense and exists for restaurants marked "I like". This criteria includes of course the food quality but also its environment. For example, if you are in a place where restaurants are seldom (country side, mountain), 15 minutes of travel time can be justified when this would not be the case in a dense city where the offering is abundant. Moreover, a nice decor or view can justify more travel time to get there.

    Cheap - Average €€ - Expensive €€€ - Very expensive €€€€

    The price level of the restaurant compared to others in the same area.

    Outstanding features

    Cuisine beyond expectations - Charming decor - Scenic view


    They describe the restaurant with 4 categories: Cuisine - Characteristics - Feelings - Caution.


    A picture conveys a lot of information. Don't hesitate to add more. We classified them into 3 categories : Dishes - Interior or Decor - Exterior or View. We believe that it is important to take pictures from elements other than dishes. A nice interior or view are important as well. You can like pictures from others that best describe this restaurant. This will help prioritize the best pictures or the most useful ones. Please do not publish pictures with recognizable people and report to us those who are inappopriate.

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